Michael speaks to the media about the impact the new vehicle will make in his life

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – The Jimmie Hale Mission, in coordination with fellow nonprofit Driving Hope, provided three vehicles to as many clients today just in time for Christmas. The program graduates signed ownership paperwork and received their keys at the men’s center campus downtown this afternoon.

Driving Hope, headed by mechanic Roger Brown, accepts donated vehicles and ensures they are in safe and mechanically-sound condition before donating them to successful clients. All program graduates are eligible to apply for the vehicle program and the final recipients are carefully and prayerfully chosen from the application pool by a committee comprised of staff from both organizations.

Ray reaches into his pocket for the key to his Ford Taurus

A Ford Taurus, Honda Pilot and Acura RL were given to a Royal Pines alum and two men’s center graduates bringing the total number of vehicles provided through the partnership over two years to 12.